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Welcome to Sea Shanties and Sausages Illustration, beautiful personage!

Sea Shanties and Sausages – my website sharing space for all things colourful and illustrated and nautical and brill and dachshund-related…

So yeah! I love to draw pictures. Always have. I also love sausage dogs. But not sausages, cos I’m a vegetarian (although I’m not averse to a Linda McCartney veggie sos on the BBQ). So the Sausages in Sea Shanties and Sausages is about dachshunds.

On this here lovely website I get to share all the stuff I love to make. The pictures I’ve drawn. The stuff I’ve painted and made for gorgeous, sparkly people who’ve got in touch and said ‘will you make this for me?’

It’s a lot of fun making and creating bespoke illustrations for folk and getting to hear all their fun and frivolous, sweet and sagacious family stories. I love this (and all the other) part(s) of my job. (Addendum: I do not like doing tax returns so if you know of a good accountant, let me know.)

I also love drawing cats and dogs. You’ll see them pop up pretty frequently in my stuff.

Here’s all the other shidangles you’ll find here on my Sea Shanties tinterplace:

  • Woooooo hoooooooo!!!! There’s now a Sea Shanties SHOP here on the tinterweb! So you can now buy our  HOT-OFF-THE-PRESS RANGE OF CARDS AND PRINTS here – perfect for bringing a burst of colour and happiness to someone special’s big day. One of our utterly unique A3 prints makes a wonderful new baby or birthday gift and brightens up a bedroom décor. Or hot-foot it along to my ETSY SHOP to discover all the bespoke and customised dingle dangles on offer!

  • If you want to find out more about me, well hey, I’m flattered! (I want to find out more about YOU so come along to my Facebook page and say HOWDI!) Make your merry way along to my ABOUT ME page and FIND OUT ABOUT MY MUSES – you’ll also find gratuitous pictures of my pets (yes, including sausage dogs) and some of our more exciting living arrangements over the years, including our 90 year old boat.

  • One of the best bits about being a bespoke illustrator is connecting with YOU BEAUTIFUL FOLK! To READ WHAT MY LOVELY CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT SEA SHANTIES AND SAUSAGES, visit the Testimonials page here.

  • I’ve also stuck a few piccies up in the GALLERY OF BESPOKE ILLUSTRATION MADE WITH LOVE  of commissions for weddings, anniversaries, new babes, and birthdays. Find out about commissioning your own here.

  • Finally, remember to SIGN UP FOR THE SEA SHANTIES AND SAUSAGES NEWSLETTER to ensure you find out about our latest hot off the press design ranges, get seasonal discounts and special customer treats. If you’re passing, come and say hi to me and my muses on Facebook – I love to hear from you!

  • All that remains is for me to wish you happy perusing and thanks for stopping by!